Self Sufficiency Self Awareness by delivering Powerful minds

It is the intent that nations attain a state of self sufficiency, be it in terms of delivering its people health, home and heart, or in terms of food, clothing and shelter by filling the insufficiency through simple, organic ways by aligning themselves to Nature’s ways, a phenomenon through which they shall also attain Self awareness. CST believes that we have to reinstate the most effective practical education system in order to achieve this and work on students who form the heart of the society, to generate organic minds and Nations so we can reinstate the sanctity of our place.

The conscious state is established to empower the youth of the Nations by facilitating students with an environment where they can study and go through the natural phenomenon of allowing the self to create/unleash itself into a powerful and a blissful personalities who could come up with original ideas to address the insufficiencies and go towards self sufficiency by becoming aware of the self and surroundings. Students need to be inspired so their curiosity is stimulated which shall enable them to explore their passions so they find their rightful places, plus evolve into Liberated souls, for which they need relaxed environment, right mentors who could pass on the piece of wisdom that infuses into their personality.


We respect people, nature and we are here to care for, educate, learn, empower our people and reinstate the sanctity of our place and see powerful and joyful people for the generations to come.

  1. Respect
  2. Care
  3. Unite
  4. Educate
  5. Empower
  6. Reinstate
  7. Align with Nature

“My Master being Universe...Mother to be Nature..Me being conceived through such vastness of love, I am Powerful enough to cure all insanity of the world, in the self and the surrounding”