Studying At CST

School & Academy

Learning should unshackle a soul from all insecurities and unleash the liberated spirit to endanger the insanity; such learning shall only happen in a pious environment through enlightened masters who are in abundance in love.

There are three platforms currently available to study at CST

  1. The selected candidates shall be studying in the school by presenting themselves physically in the school and completing their regular syllabus and the project, as residential students.
  2. Day scholars are accepted in exceptional cases provided they commit to the fact of the confidentiality of the projects, R&D happening at CST.
  3. Online platforms are being opened for overseas students/students from distance/ who could access the CST class recordings, plus meet us online. However the students have to present themselves in order to complete their project. Fee structure for the online students shall be different to that of boarders
  4. We exchange students from overseas to perform knowledge transfer as well as Tech transfer.