Liberate and Enjoy Meaningfully

Inspire Stimulate Educate Facilitate Create Liberate


It’s a school for the Greats. A holistic environment where our students are nurtured in a relaxed environment among intellectual fraternity. Our aim is that the school should chiefly be run by the students, so they can practice administrating themselves, along with the organisation.

Learning happens by following CST’s four-fold method:

Inspire Stimulate Equip Make Responsible

The School shall prepare its students with the ability to instantly

Think Organise Structure Execute

Our students will apply the art of reading, writing, listening, speaking and teaching to become mature thinkers and bold leaders.

Learn While Doing

Our students shall understand the need for self awareness and self sufficiency in the most efficient and practical ways. They will witness and participate in various projects combining science and arts, where they get an opportunity to meet masters/mentors from different trades.

The faculty of Science will predominantly focus on Agriculture, Architecture, Bio Fuels, Medicine, Energy, Engineering, Environment, Artificial Intelligence, Aerospace and Rocketry.

The faculty of Arts comprises professionals from diverse areas like Music, Dance, Drama, Singing, Literature, Storytelling, Painting and Sculpture.


Our students shall become masters of their trade in different streams through the guidance of expert mentors. A dedicated number of students will be allocated to each department, although we are open to accepting exceptional out-of-the-box thinkers in the school. Our school students would eventually progress into the Academy, as they would have an understanding of the functioning of the CST and be equipped with the abilities to become a part of the fraternity.

Selection Process

We accept students from Grades 9th to12th. The overall strength of the school shall be a very limited number in double digits, comprising both residential and non-residential students. A student interested in joining has to express their intent in the form of an Expression of Interest (EOI) detailing their persona and why they want to join us, and where their interest lies. We take references/EOI into consideration to shortlist the students who will be invited for a personal interview between the faculty, student and the parents.

Download CST School function PDF

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There are three platforms currently available to study at CST

  1. The selected candidates shall be studying in the school by presenting themselves physically in the school and completing their regular syllabus and the project.
  2. Day scholars are accepted in exceptional cases provided they commit to the fact of the confidentiality of the projects, R&D happening at CST.
  3. Online platforms are being opened for overseas students/students from distance/ who could access the CST class recordings, plus meet us online. However the students have to present themselves in order to complete their project. Fee structure for the online students shall be different to that of boarders
  4. We exchange students from overseas to perform knowledge transfer as well as Tech transfer.