Entrepreneurs interested to invest in an ethical business model could express their interest in the projects we perform at CST. The projects are spread out in both Science and Arts.

The projects are intended to address the world problems by coming up with nature friendly designs so that technology and wisdom can serve nature than to outwit nature. These projects are also intended to create employment and generate income for the students as well as the entrepreneurs.

The Scientific Projects designed in the academy so far rotate around self sustainable practices in the areas of Energy, Agriculture, agro tech, Health Care, Nutrition, Aero Space. These Projects shall be guided by respective mentors, and their Research academies. It is here entrepreneurs shall have an opportunity to take part in building the Nations economy as well as theirs, so they could generate income and employment.

Investors shall have to present an expression of interest as to where their interest lies to the following mail id so we could invite and discuss about the project.


The immediate projects in the faculty of science shall be setting up vertical farming plant as part of the Project MAYA

  1. Solar Engineering (Multiple Researchers)
  2. Bio Fuels
  3. Aquaponics and Hydroponics
  4. Spirullina cultivation.
  5. Healthy Living and Aging
  6. Cell Biology
  7. Space Talks
  8. Rocketry

Faculty of arts houses a range of entrepreneurial projects towards which entrepreneurs interested in story telling can present their expression of their interest to our official mail address.

The immediate project from the Faculty of Arts is the highlighted

  1. Sacred Flames of Truth (Ravi Tej.A)
  2. The Great Library
  3. Uncle Bell’s Science and Nani’s Vedas
  4. Philosophy, Psychologist and the Society
  5. Friends and Relationships
  6. World & Religion
  7. CST stories
  8. Indian Constitution/Police/Law/People/Politics
  9. Conversing intellectually
  10. Students Perspective and Discussions

People who shall be interested in investing in these projects could present their by writing to