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It is this day most of the collaborations would be physically present for a meet for a dialogue on an interdisciplinary approach plus a discussion on various projects planned for the students.

However we are planning an online dialogue where we could meet and discuss on the education model so we can answer your questions.

Anyone who is interested can present their interest by writing to schoolofconsciousstate@gmail.com

We shall update the people who are going to be present in the dialogue soon.

Brain storming session on Project MAYA

Project MAYA is designed for empowering and motivating students to pursue their careers in agriculture, alongside M.S Swaminathan research foundation.

The brainstorming session is an invitation to entrepreneurs and socially responsible members, to discuss as to how we could raise funds for raising entrepreneurial platforms for the students in collaboration with private entrepreneurs/corporate and government.

Special invitations shall be sent out for this event.

Anyone who is interested can present their interest by writing to schoolofconsciousstate@gmail.com

CST as solution provider

Great Library

Great Library is a total insight into the work and life of a legendary person that shall enable the student researcher to document the technicalities of the great works by observing by working with the legend on the field.

Student shall be making a journey to explore the works as to understand what has gone into the technical and intellectual excellence of the legend.

Having performed the research, students shall be preparing a questionnaire to sit in a dialogue with the legend which shall be recorded and aired.

The students of the faculty of Science shall be working on the story of Dr.M.S.Swaminathan, the father of the green revolution of the country

It is planned that the students of the faculty of arts shall be working alongside Sir.Thota Tharani, national award winning art director, architect.

The dates as to the field research and dialogue shall be purely according to the dates the high masters are comfortable with.

But we shall select the students who shall be involved in the above research.