Dr. Parasuraman


It’s a great privilege to have Dr. Raman as one of our chief advisors as we associate with Dr. M.S. Swaminathan research foundation in a project intended for empowering the youth and employing them in agriculture/cattle/poultry/environmental management, so our Nations and the youth become more organic, self-sufficient and a world with grains to achieve zero hunger and total happiness in the quality of life.

Dr. Raman is recognized as an international scientist, high-level advisor in the United Nations community for Zero hunger. Although he has too many decorated feathers in his hat I am delighted to have a great humanitarian as a mentor and a chief advisor who expressed his passion to provide his research and teaching expertise and support to our students towards inculcating moral values and preparing them for the unseen tomorrow, plus facilitating for unleashing their talents and liberate their thoughts and ideas by encouraging and supporting them in their life’s journey of learning.


Dr. Subbanna


Dr. Subbanna is an Entomologist working in the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), whose research involves the exploration of different insect pathogens (Entomopathogenic bacteria, fungi, and nematodes) to control insect pests in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. Having experienced the huge of the chemical pesticides that are hazardous to every form of life on earth, his intellectual input to CST is providing safe food to society through vertical farming approaches as a pilot-scale project. He is helping build garden towers to provide access to safe leafy vegetables and microgreens for consumption.

“CST is dealing with student communities who are future path-breakers and makers of society. Students need to well-equipped with the best possible knowledge about different issues of society and science, without which we cannot expect a better tomorrow”!


Ramesh Thiruppathi

Director @ Meliorate Organics

An Entrepreneur, a researcher, and a farmer, who envisioned of producing organic fertilizer, with a proposal for farmer producing cooperative societies and federations and use it for their own farms to rejuvenate the soil in our country, his model provides an employment opportunity over a 100000 rural employment for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled people, is an experienced multifaceted personality in the field of agriculture from Fertiliser, Pesticide to Irrigation management to value addition and marketing of agriculture products with a community and social uplifting views.

He is part of the Nuffield International and a coordinator in India, Nuffield International body engaged in developing the farmers of the future who will envision the governments for developing the best for their respective countries. He proposes to create such farmer scholars for our country, plus promote our students to become entrepreneurs in the agricultural industry.

I am happy that we shall be working in this regard with the prominent focus is to give India more Nuffield International scholars.


Dr. Subroto Mandal


Dr (Prof) Mandal Subroto, senior cardiologist, with vast experience in interventional cardiology, has exposed interventional cardiology in many national and international centers including Italy, St Petersburg, USA. A distinguished professor, who has delivered many lectures on national and international platforms, has his name credited in the book of world records for performing many new techniques. An original thinker coupled with a humanitarian persona and a social responsibility for the World.

Dr.Subroto Mandal is the co-founders of The Conscious State and a person who believes we should have an interdisciplinary approach in addressing the problems of the globe. CST is associated with Ubbantu Researchers and their state-of-the-art laboratories focused on R&D and advanced medicine. I am glad the students of CST shall be working with him and his team in several scientific projects although the heart of it shall be healthy living and aging.

“CST is the place where we can collaborate with many stalwarts in one place and share their views on the overall development of mankind. Every human being is unique and extraordinary and CST is a platform to explore their view and experience, for every individual. Initiated by most wonderful and awesome personalities, expect unending collaborations in the future.”


Dr. Mayank Jain


   Dr.Mayank Jain is a true pioneer in translational medicine and stem cell research, and he is at the heart of one of the driving principles of CST, which is creating life. He is also a civil services officer/scientist and a doctor, plus a humble person dedicated to the well-being of the people. He has done more than 700 haemopoietic (autologous bone marrow) and mesenchymal (adipose tissue) transplants and has also coined a classification of clinical transfer of stem cells which is recognized as Mayank’s classification.

It shall be a delight to have him as a mentor for our students, so they can absorb his technical and intellectual excellence while he is recreating life. His current research includes stem cell genomics, Induced Pluripotency, 3-Dimensional Grafting, IU transfer of STEM cells for congenital anomalies.    https//Pragatistemcells.com


Kunal Naik


Bonjour HolaNihao Namaste

Kunal is a systems engineer, working on the Robotics — Space system projects in Europe. He pursued his bachelor’s in aerospace engineering from Hindustan University and later did his Masters in Space Studies from International Space University, France. He has worked as R&Dengineer at Space robotics Laboratory, Japan where he was working on future Lunar Rover Projects. He was also a part of the Astronaut Mars analogue Mission with the crew Nix Olympica as an astronaut crew engineer at Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), Utah, USA.

“Connecting the 3I’s International, Interdisciplinary and Intercultural The CST is a wonderful platform concerning interdisciplinary, life lessons, concentrating on learning skills, a sharing open platform allowing the field for budding professionals to connect, get guidance and learn from the experienced fraternity. Connecting The space talk team with the CST will expand the horizon in the space interdisciplinary side. In developing countries especially South Asia, the importance of interdisciplinary is very important, which is a must and the need of an hour in Asia.”


Ravi Tej.A


 He is the founder of the conscious state, and he worked on various projects in the arena of life sciences unraveling the questions of diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. He has graduated from Aston University with an MSc in Pharmacology and held various roles as a research scientist in both industry and academia in the UK, Europe, and New Zealand. His Ph.D. study is in the area of nanotechnology and designing drugs to eliminate the side effects profile by the discovery of selectively targeting drugs.

It’s his dream that the health, happiness, and learning index should be as required and there are no inequalities in any category of people. CST is designed to achieve this happiness index by empowering mankind in every way possible.




Mr.Shashank Karna is a pioneer in promoting and creating interactive STEM ecosystems in schools and learning Spaces. His areas of expertise include ship designing, infrastructure, Robotics & Coding, and accreditation, designing learning management systems. Shashank Karnam the castle-builder of ScienceUtsav. With far-sighted leadership qualities, he had the visionary to run his passion for science effectively. This talented personality with deep insightful ideas can inspire anyone to execute his plans and teachings. His teachings are par excellence and when he conducts the show, it can certainly leave anyone at the edge of their seats. He's become a hero in Bangalore as his workshops are so informative that parents and kids go back home enriched. His magnificent personality allows him to grab every opportunity that comes in his path and today he's franchising it very skillfully not only in India but also in Qatar I am happy that we agreed to work together with the studio of CST in the storytelling segment to teach and tell the stories of the great scientists and infuse moral values, inspire, stimulate and create the young minds with a persona.


Sampath Kumar

Recognized as the yoga master and is an expert in all ancient healing methods. Sir, Sampath Kumar shall be acting as the mentor in the faculty of spiritual practices and teacher, teaching yoga/spiritual sciences and ancient healing methods to our students. He believes that awareness of the existing quantum consciousness is very much required to have global peace. Vedic literature in which he is expertise in shall bring awareness of the consciousness. We believe that his addition to CST helps our students to attain a higher conscious state who can deliver world peace.

Sunny Kabrawala

Mr Sunny Kabrawala is the founder & Director of Space Technology & Aeronautical Rocketry. He is an expert in design engineering, teaching, and operations management. Sunny shall be the mentor in the department of engineering and rocketry. Sunny is a space enthusiast who aims to make space missions commercial. He started a rocket club named 'Space technology & Aeronautical Rocketry' with an objective to build & teach model rocketry in India. He has an open platform for students to get project-based learning experience via training & internship programs. STAR currently builds and launches high powered rockets and small satellites. Sunny has also associated himself with Startup ecosystems, plus delivered talks based on entrepreneurship on various platforms including TEDx Surat, Josh Talks, Yuhantar, Orcas talks. Goa IT policy and E-conclaves. 



Monish Kumar Siripurapu is the founder and principal architect of Ant Studio, New Delhi, which he started in 2010. He graduated from the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Delhi in 2009, and received the prestigious JN Tata scholarship in 2015 for his PG Diploma in Robotic Fabrication from Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), Spain.

In collaboration with his colleagues, he has won many national and international competitions for architecture and design, including the Green Design Award for Design Against The Elements (DATE), the Commercial Design award at FOAID-2018, and most recently, the competition for the renovation and development of the Imagination Centre at Dhun, Jaipur. His works have been published across well renowned architectural journals and platforms, such as the World Economic Forum, Architectural Digest, ArchDaily, Inhabitat, among others.

The core intent of his work is to bridge between the spheres of Art, Nature, and Technology, thus the name ‘ANT STUDIO’. His endeavour is to produce simplistic, almost intuitive design solutions, and use technology, whether it is computational design, robotics, or mechanics, as a tool towards realising the design. Ant studio works with a clear vision where sustainability is not seen as an option but a core principle and an opportunity to create designs that go beyond functional and aesthetic concerns, generating an intimate rendezvous between the products and nature.

This ideology has been carried forward in all of Monish’s projects, which range from private residences to group housing projects, interior designs to installation art. The blend of nature and technology, giving birth to sustainable, artistic forms is observed throughout his works, like in the architecture of farmhouses in Delhi and Kerala (Anahat and Malampuzha farmhouse respectively), or in the design of his installations (Fern leaf, Windwave, among others).

Monish’s eco-friendly air cooling product, called the ‘CoolAnt’, has received a lot of recognition and accolades. CoolAnt was instrumental in Ant Studio being awarded as one of the 12 winners of the Asia Pacific Low Carbon Footprint Challenge by the UN Environment Programme, out of 180 startups from 22 countries. Recently, Ant Studio was also awarded as one of the winners from the Delhi chapter for the Clean Energy Challenge by What Design Can do, Amsterdam for Coolant, out of a total of 457 entries.

Monish is also an active participant in major events covering architecture and design. He was invited as a keynote speaker at the World Environment Day - 2018 event held in New Delhi and has been invited to speak at the prestigious 361 degrees conference in Mumbai and at a TedX event. He has been invited as a lecturer and exhibitor of his works in various IIT’s and IIM’s.

He is also a part of the visiting faculty of SPA, Delhi one of the leading architecture schools in the country. In his free time, he designs products, two patents of which are in progress.


Dhwanil dharmesh Patel

He is the Project Director & CTQO (Chief Technical & Quality Officer) @ DMD DEVELOPERS, Possibilities Galore! A Passionate entrepreneur, who aspires to instigate an interdisciplinary space science university, is a keen seeker of sustainable green living and green energy development. His addition to the CST fraternity shall fill the space for entrepreneurship and he shall be acting as one of the mentors in developing future CST Infrastructure & New Courses thus breaking stereotypical ways of education & bringing new age designing, innovative standards, and technical brilliance. We intend to collaborate in building an interdisciplinary university for the Nation in the years to come.


Director/Co founder of SSERD

Nikhitha C is a Social Entrepreneur. Born and raised in Bangalore, She has completed Aerospace Engineering from Alliance University Bangalore. 

She co-founded an NGO called Society for Space Education Research and Development [SSERD] with her friend Sujay Sreedhar during her college days. The organization aims to promote Space Education among the community and prepare the young generation for a Space Revolution.


She has taught about Space to around 8000 Students throughout India and also started a branch in the Philippines. She was invited to teach students in Sri Lanka and Mauritius. She is also guiding 20 African youngsters in STEM Education and Outreach. Nikhitha is always active on TV News regarding Space related programs and Eclipse programs.


Nikhitha has also been the Winner in Best Teacher competition organized by ISRO during National Science Day-2018. She has won the Best Science Communicator award from Karnataka Science & Technology Academy. SSERD has won the NGO Champion award in March 2018 by Youth for Seva and has received the Appreciations from the Government of Karnataka in Feb 2019. Recently, Nikhitha was the recipient of the Dr. Kalpana Chawla Scholarship to do her Space Studies Program at International Space University, France. Nikhitha has recently Won the Youth Icon Award - 2019 from Karnataka Women  Achievers' Award for the outstanding work at inspiring students in STEAM and Space."

Here are a few news media links;

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3. Interview on News9 Kannada - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXFQr6zanxI&feature=youtu.be

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