What’s Conscious State?
Conscious State is a conglomerate of scientists, doctors, innovators, designers and administrators from various backgrounds, instigated with an intention to empower students of nations so our students can learn through high masters/mentors who can educate them the right way and facilitate them to secure their careers, be it in the form of jobs/higher education/entrepreneurs/designers/innovators/artists/researchers and problem solvers. CST is intended to be one stop for total learning guiding the student from schooling through to the university until they become passionate individuals and powerful thinkers who could hold crucial positions in Nations building and address issues on world platforms
Who is Conscious State?
Conscious state is its students/parents/mentors/scientists/artists/faculty/collaborations/projects/research labs/entrepreneurs. The people of CST are very unique for we do our things in a way they need to be done so it is important anyone who is willing to join know its people and how it works.
What does CST constitute of?

CST constitutes of

  1. School – Art of Thinking
  2. Academy - Art of Design
  3. Studio - Art of Expression
How does CST function?
CST functions in 3 layers in its 3 segments, each of which equips our students with all capacities so they achieve technical and intellectual excellence, in a way that their learning translates into design and adds to their personality, plus equip them with essentials for securing their careers/clearing exams.
What’s the idea of CST?
The idea of the CST is quite simple. We want to remove the fear of the students about their careers by giving them career paths through their mentors and enable our students to invest their energies in delivering great work.
What are the motives of CST?

The motive of CST is to achieve self sufficiency and self awareness.

CST is intended to be the

  1. One stop for total learning
  2. To create a platform where the students can get a platform to get opportunities to secure their careers
  3. To be a Global hub for intellectual connects.
  4. To create a place that shall conceive great innovations and artistic expressions.
How do they intend to achieve it?
We have a way of teaching our students to equip them with capacities that are required at both technical and intellectual level in a way we build their resumes from day 1. We have collaborations with both national and international organizations/research labs/studios/entrepreneurs, which are expanding every day across several departments. CST is equipped with school/academy/studio of its own which is currently working on various innovative projects to achieve the required.
What’s the School?

School is where our students learn the ART OF THINKING. It consists of classes 9th to 12th who shall be finishing their CBSE/IGCSE syllabus according to the learning methodology of the CST so they are equipped with art of READING, WRITING, and LISTENNG, SPEAKING and TEACHING, THINKING

We are considering taking 7th and 8th which is yet to be finalized.

What do they learn in the School?

We complete the syllabus in a unique way so they know the technique that enables them to clear exams on the back of their hand plus equips them with problem solving abilities and logical/creative thinking. Here they learn by doing.The learning happens by following the four major beliefs of CST

  • Inspire
  • Stimulate
  • Equip
  • Make Responsible
How does the school function?

The school has a programme of its own where students shall be involved in projects of their interest after having completed the syllabus. The project shall enable them to understand how the concepts covered in their syllabus apply in real time.Their Schooling shall equip them with the thought process so they can perform the following on the back of their hand.

  • Think
  • Organise
  • Structure
  • Execute
What’s the Strength of the school?
The overall strength of the school is 40. We take only 40 students from all over the globe. These 40 could spread across 9th -12th. The intention is that these students shall become the masters of their trades in the relevant departments of their interest. They shall know every technique/ins and outs of the CST and scientific and artistic methodology of the legends. We have currently issues 20 invitations out. Interested students can express their interest in joining the school.
What are various platforms to study at CST?

There are three platforms currently available to study at CST

  • The selected candidates shall be studying in the school by presenting themselves physically in the school and completing their regular syllabus and the project.
  • Day scholars are accepted in exceptional cases provided they commit to the fact of the confidentiality of the projects, R&D happening at CST.
  • Online platforms are being opened for overseas students/students from distance/ who could access the CST class recordings, plus meet us online. However the students have to present themselves in order to complete their project. Fee structure for the online students shall be different to that of boarders
  • We exchange students from overseas to perform knowledge transfer as well as Tech transfer.
How to get admitted into CST?

A student interested in joining has to express their intent in the form of an Expression of Interest (EOI) detailing their persona and why they are willing to join us and where their interest lies. We take references/EOI into consideration to shortlist the students so we could invite them for a personal interview which shall be a dialogue between the faculty, student and the parents.

What’s the Selection process and criteria?

We wanted our students to become masters of their trade in different departments of different mentors. We have dedicated number of students allocated to different departments, although we are open to accept phenomenal out of the box thinkers in the school. We select purely based on their interview and expression of interest document a student writes detailing about themselves.

What’s the Academy?
Academy is the house of projects where they master the ART OF DESIGN which shall eventually translate into publications/copy rights/ip.etc. Students shall be working on a project in the area of their interest here in the academy so they know what goes into designing and delivering great innovations and artistic expressions by working with the mentors in the department of their interest. The project shall enable them to understand the physical forms of the scientific concepts. This project shall translate into physical forms like copyright, references, IP, contacts, research papers, white papers, validations, entrepreneurship..Etc which shall help in resume building in order to secure their careers
Which students can join Academy?
Students ranging from school to university can join academy. Students range from higher secondary school to post doc students (9th - 12th, Bsc, Msc, Phd, Post Doc) from different backgrounds can join academy.
How does the academy function?
Academy teaches them how to structure and organize their learning and practically apply it so they can relate their syllabus and respective sciences to real time scenarios. Academy introduces most recent advancements in the area of science and arts and links it to the syllabus. Students learn, work and document the methods and observations in the academy to publish.
What do they teach in the academy?
Academy teaches a problem solving, writing documents, designing, leading a project, experimentation, research methodologies, validating methods, exploring opportunities and getting opportunities, entrepreneurship, innovating
What’s the studio?
Studio is where they learn ART OF EXPRESSION communicating their wisdom through various creative forms, storytelling. Studio is a platform where students get a voice. Here is where they interview, enquire, express; sit in dialogue with intellects, present their talents.
How many departments are there in CST?

CST is divided into faculty of arts and science. Faculty of science involves Agriculture, Architecture, Bio Fuels, Medicine, Energy, Engineering, Environment, Artificial Intelligence, Aero Space, and Rocketry in the faculty of Science. Faculty of arts is significant in The CST and students shall be meeting artistic fraternity from Music, Dance, Literature, Drama, Singing, Story Telling, Painting and Sculpture.

What are the Projects intended for?
There are two kinds of projects Research projects and entrepreneurial projects. Mentors of different departments design different projects in the area of their expertise which have significant relation to the CBSE syllabus of the students, social impact, real time scenarios, problem solving, and practical applications. The projects are intended to get the students practical exposure, experimentation, designing, innovating, research, entrepreneurship. Students shall be initially working on these pilot projects which shall eventually translate into entrepreneurial projects for their careers.
What are the research projects?
Research projects are the projects designed by the mentors to teach research methodology and applications of science in real time there by help in the advancements of science.
What are the immediate Entrepreneurial projects?

Entrepreneurs who are interested in ethical model of business could come and invest in the large scale projects which our students do it in the small scale. We are building vertical farms in the faculty of science and Great Library from the faculty of Arts currently. Entreprenurs who are interested can express their interest to our official email address

What’s the role of the mentors?
Mentors guide the students to achieve technical excellence, intellectual excellence, facilitate to get careers, contacts, opportunities, purpose in life and are crucial in inspiring, stimulating, creating and making the students responsible.
What are the collaborations for?
Our collaborations are critical as we work together for a great vision to serve the mankind. Our collaborations are unending and only more people are going to come into CST to make it a global hub of intellectual connects and serve as learners, student’s platform for learning, pursuing their careers and to deliver Great Innovations and Artistic Expressions. We collaborate in the best interest of our students and to work in as an interdisciplinary unit. Our collaborations open the skies to work for the common good.
What’s the role of the research projects?
It is here entrepreneurs shall have an opportunity to take part in building the Nation’s economy as well as theirs, so they could generate income and employment.
How does CST help for securing careers for the students?
CST provides mentors, references, builds the resumes, provides clear career path, guidance, entrepreneurial platforms, entrepreneurial skill, copyrights, experience letters everything that shall help students in securing their careers
How does CST help in making its students entrepreneurs?
We are raising entrepreneurial platforms by teaching students entrepreneurial skill in the area of their interest. We are also seeking govt support to fund our students entrepreneurial projects.
What are entrepreneurial projects?
It is here entrepreneurs shall have an opportunity to take part in building the Nation’s economy as well as theirs, so they could generate income and employment.
What certification do they get?
They get certified by CBSE/IGCSE board.
Where is CST based?
The corporate registered office is in Hyderabad and the research base is in Chennai. We are also opening our office in London, UK
Has the CST affiliated?
CST is in collaboration with Geethanjali Global Schools, Kompally, Hyderabad.