Departments of science

We believe in interdisciplinary approach and working collectively in order to address the problems of the mankind by Connecting the 3I's International, Interdisciplinary and Intercultural


Agriculture and safe food is of predominant focus in the CST. We want to ensure that our students are enriched at health, home and heart. To begin with the earth and food seemed to be the most appropriate. Having supported by Dr.M.S.Swaminathan, We are collaborating with MSSRF and were in profound talks to work on a project where our students shall be trained in different segments of agriculture, and cattle so the youth can rely on the food and diary industries like the countries like New Zealand and Australia, for their employments which nourishes them with clean living, as well as earn them the bread and butter through the entrepreneurial platforms by striving to reinstate the sanctity of the soil which is a pure soul’s job.

It’s a great privilege that Dr.Parasuraman shall be the chief advisor and mentor to guide the project as well as the department in the CST.

We are also working with Mr.Ramesh in order to deliver Nuffields Scholars to the country, scholars who are generated after having rigorously trained in144 nations in different techniques of agriculture, cattle and poultry so they can lead the nutritional and environmental requirements of the Nations.

Dr.Subbanna has advised of the students becoming aware of the safe food concept and expressed his concerns of the chemical pesticidal dumping which is leading to the accumulation of pesticides which is harmful to every form of life. He advised us building vertical farming towers to deliver the nutritional sources of our students on a pilot scale which can also be an entrepreneurial platform for the students.


Although we are into safe food that leads to health, we wanted life and health sciences given significant importance so our students shall understand cell biology which is one of the 3M’s of the CST code, equipped with natural and scientific ways of engineering it, so they deliver health to all of mankind.

Dr.Subroto Mandal, co founder of CST shall be acting as one of the mentors to our students to guide them in the area of life and health sciences. We are working on a project called healthy living and aging alongside the research he is performing in different areas of interventional cardiology and the scientific techniques. CST is in collaboration with Ubbantu researchers and their department headquartered in Bhopal

Dr.Mayank Jain who is a true pioneer in stem cell technology shall also be one of the mentors of our students in the faculty of science to guide and help them understand the embryonic stages of life and how we could engineer the life if one understands this advanced area of science that’s doing wonder


Engineering and technology has its place as it delivers the tools to engineer the understanding of human needs. We are collaborating with Sunny Kabrawal, director of STAR research academy who is an expert designer and engineer engineering rocketry shall be a mentor in the department of engineering.


Studying environment and aligning to it by understanding and engineering to preserve its sanctity is the top most priority as it corresponds to the code of The CST (Mother, Master, Me) We are in collaboration with MSSRF who are studying the earth and water to keep the professionals corresponding to food and diary industries well informed. Our talks involve our students to be exposed to the earth science.


Again shelter forms the S for achieving self sufficiency. We have a unique person Mr.Monish architect who shall be acting as the mentors for the students, he perfectly suits into the team full of Sane mentors as his designs are more inclined towards Nature which perfectly tailors with the code 3M’s of CST, as to relating to nature.


Space shall be the future of the generation to come. We are collaborating with the space talk team so our students shall be aware of this area of research having connected with professionals to their area of Interest in Space Eng, Satellite Applications, Space Law, Space Medicine, Space Business, and Space Architecture and so on.

With the Collaboration with CST, The Space Talk can offer and contribute in engaging students and space enthusiast to quench their thirst in the Space Domain, to understand the what, when why and how of the space sector. Busting the Myths and creating awareness of the Space sector that Space is not only for Science fraternity but for all.

Kunal shall be an acting mentors in this area who is a believer in “Space is the Future, new Economy and new Equality". He is an initiator and Speaker of “The Space Talk” a Space Awareness Program to create awareness not only about the Space but different disciplines of the Space Sector, especially in the Space Developing Countries. Kunal's academic and professional experiences have given him a strong interdisciplinary foundation in technical and non-technical sides. His ambition in the Space and Robotics sector revolves around the R&D, helping and serving humanity on the Earth and beyond.



Sunny Kabrawala who is the director of the Star Research academy shall be the acting mentor in the area of rocketry where our students shall be exposed with building the rockets and earning the IP. His expertise in engineering and design engineering, teaching and operations management shall be a great addition to the engineering department. He has an open platform for students to get project based learning experience via training & internship programs. STAR currently builds and launches high powered rockets and small satellites.

Departments of Arts

We believe that the artistic expressions serves as a great weapon to make an impact and inspire, stimulate the people to act on a necessity, plus to infiltrate the thought into the society. Faculty of arts houses Story telling segment which houses Music, Drama, Painting, Sculpture, Spiritual sciences.

We are collaborating with Numan who is a researcher spread along vast areas of social sciences shall be acting as a mentor to lead our students in storytelling.

Mr.Shashank who is a a pioneer in creating learning platforms shall also be the mentor in the faculty of arts as we collaborate to tell the stories of science and scientists.

Mr.Raviteja who is the director of Lunagio arts, an artist expertise in different painting styles handcrafted as well as digital, is also a story teller with a powerful and sane thought process to guide our students towards making a powerful statement.