We want our students to become masters of their trade in different departments of different mentors. We have a dedicated number of students allocated to different departments, although we are open to accept phenomenal out of the box thinkers in the school, It is our school students whom we want to progress into the academy on a long run as they shall have an understanding of the functioning of the CST and shall be equipped with the abilities to be a part and parcel of the fraternity.


CST analyses who is actually cut out to get access to our mentors, i.e., who can and will use these opportunities to bring phenomenal changes in society for the welfare of all.

The people here at CST have one thing most above all- 'passion' (hindi-junoon) and that is what we look for in our new team members as well.

Currently, CST is taking admissions in two batches,

  • 7th to 12th standard
  • Bachelors to Post doc

The overall strength of the school shall be a very limited number of double digits and these include residential and non-residential students. A student interested in joining has to express their intent through an Expression of Interest(EOI) detailing their persona; why they are willing to join us and where their interest lies. We take references/EOI into consideration to shortlist the students so we could invite them for a personal interview which shall be a dialogue between the faculty, student and the parents.

FAQ Parents of the first batch