Learning should unshackle a soul from all insecurities and unleash the liberated spirit to endanger the insanity; such learning shall only happen in a pious environment through enlightened masters who are in abundance in love.

Think Organise Structure Execute

The Academy will prepare students for real-world professions by giving them practical experience in different streams of science and arts, and provide opportunities to pursue careers in areas they are passionate about.

The Academy shall give students hands-on training in design and innovation, and encourage them to explore their strengths, while securing their careers/places through their mentors. Armed with superior problem-solving capacities and research methodologies, our students will be ready to crack any competitive exam

The Academy is at the heart of one of the important objectives of the CST: to be a platform for the greatest innovations and artistic expressions. Here students shall be trained and actively take part in different scientific/entrepreneurial projects from different departments, so they can be exposed to the principles of science, cutting-edge technologies, and R&D.

An important objective in working with the academic mentors is that students get a chance to know how they attained technical and intellectual excellence, and overcame the odds to come up with original ideas.

“Learn and see through the living souls”

Since the collaborators of CST are spread out throughout the country, students of the Academy can also meet them online.

Selection Process

The Academy is open to all the students, from schooling to university, until post-Doctoral level.

(However, our belief is that earning a Degree should not be the criterion to enter the Academy; rather, it is the willingness to learn, explore and design that will get you a place here.)

A student interested in joining has to express their intent in the form of an Expression of Interest (EOI) detailing their persona and why they want to join us, and where their interest lies. We take references/EOI into consideration to shortlist the students who will be invited for a personal interview between the faculty, student and the mentor. Meeting with the mentor shall happen in person or over a telephone conference, whereby they will provide the guidelines as to what student needs to be equipped with, in order to work on the designated project.

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“Academy is where students associate with professionals who are into the code of CST - 3M’Mother Nature, Universal Master, Me (Self) which is understanding Environment, Universe Space and biology in scientific terms. This is where they shall learn art of living and war”