About Us


Let nature do its thinking(A Ravi Tej)

3Ms of CST -- Mother Nature, Master Universe, Me (Self)

The Conscious State is a conglomerate of scientists, doctors, artists and innovators from across the world, coming from different backgrounds, yet united by a common vision:

Empower students through the mentorship of high masters to become global leaders with a combination of consciousness and control, so that they can reinstate the sanctity of the world in organic ways through organic minds.

CST envisions itself as an institution for comprehensive and wholesome learning that will guide its students right from the school to university level in a variety of fields, until they become passionate individuals and powerful thinkers with the ability to steer the course of nations.

CST’s Objectives:

  • To be a one-stop institution for Total Learning where students can perform the remarkable journey from budding individuals to consummate professionals
  • To provide a platform where students can learn from masters’ practical insights, and opportunities to pursue careers in the right niche
  • To be a centre for creativity that conceives the greatest innovations and artistic expressions
  • To serve as a global hub for intellectual connects who can act as mentors for the students

CST has 3 segments to it

  • School
  • Academy
  • Studio
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